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It seems anything can happen in this day and age right? An Instagram Vending Machine in Russia helping you get likes, Snapchat producing their own Snap-Glasses, and now Facebook is getting in on having their own weird product! Facebook is exploring a device that could be used as a Smartphone or a speaker with interchangeable Read More >


Boo! It’s almost Halloween, and as you might have seen in previous years, we love a chance to dress up and have fun here at Rocketfish. But how can your business take advantage of the spooky holiday?   Decorate Even if you don’t have a physical store/office, talk to whoever is responsible for your online Read More >

Social Media Advertising Manchester

You might have noticed of late that some of the updates in your Facebook news feed are slightly larger than others. It’s a little bizarre and seemingly random, so we’ve dug a bit deeper and had a look at the real reason for these larger than life statuses.   Our first find is that they Read More >

social media

Converting your online visitors into real life sales can be hugely beneficial to the sustained success of small-to-medium businesses. There are simple approaches you can apply to your own web presence and social media to ensure that people are consistently attracted to your brand. Consider the following… Optimise Your Website for Mobile If you have Read More >

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We’ve all seen a dosey friend on Facebook unknowingly share viral hoaxes at some point haven’t we? You know the type: “Share this post with everyone or Facebook will start charging users!” Of course, these deeply asinine posts are written to either link back to phishing content or just to see how gullible we all Read More >


The team at Rocketfish aren’t just mad about digital marketing, oh no, we also love videogames. We’ve come a long way since the medium was stigmatised as mindless indulgence for infantile basement dwellers; in 2016, the games industry is one of the largest entertainment monopolies on this strange wee planet. Women now make up the Read More >


As any keen observer of social media marketing will attest, one cannot cook up a healthy audience without breaking a few eggs. Where Facebook was once an all-you-can-eat festival of organic marketing, its huge growth as a social news platform has resulted in a shift of discourse towards paid promotion. Of course, the notion that Read More >


Having endured over fifteen years in digital marketing, you could say Rocketfish are among the first veterans of a millennial industry. The world was a very different place in 2001, and arguably not quite ready for the fervent social revolution that is ‘the digital age’. From our earliest days in Manchester helping small businesses grasp Read More >


SME’s rejoice for Facebook is about to take another bold step in plonking customers right outside your door. The social platform is an evident favourite among digital marketers thanks to its ease of use, practicality, and consistent updates; alas like any digital service there are kinks that still need hammering out. Brace yourself for a Read More >

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So, Instagram appear to have made quite a substantial change to their iconic logo… and not everybody appears happy about it. On 11th May the official Instagram blog announced the new look, stating the design is “inspired by the previous app icon, the new one represents a simpler camera and the rainbow lives on in Read More >

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