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Converting your online visitors into real life sales can be hugely beneficial to the sustained success of small-to-medium businesses. There are simple approaches you can apply to your own web presence and social media to ensure that people are consistently attracted to your brand. Consider the following…

  • Optimise Your Website for Mobile

If you have yet to optimise your business site for mobile friendly use then this should take absolute priority. It’s no secret that Google is now penalising search results for websites which fail to meet this level of design standard; ignoring mobile is a fast track to business peril.

  • Accessibility and Attraction

A strong mobile website will have a good sized font, ‘thumb friendly’ spaces between each link and a bold, easily visible call to action. A short, breezy navigation menu is essential and an ever-present link back to the home page is of course highly preferable. Mobile is all about convenience, and if you can’t accommodate this one notion of use then you’ll begin to lose sales.

  • Compose Your Identity

Did you know that only 50% of small businesses have a website? Well done, you’re in the right 50%… the next step is avoiding the 23% who only provide basic or poor information.

Your website should tell a story – who are you? What is your purpose? Why do you do what you do? These details matter. A strong call to action articulated with simple, easy to digest language is essential to visitors who are unfamiliar with your business.

  • Stay Clean, Stay Clear

Foremost your logo should be bold and memorable as it’ll likely be the first thing they see when they log on to your website. A strong balance between text and graphics is preferable as this avoid overwhelming the viewer with clutter and useless information. If you need to present images, ensure they are clear and relevant to your purpose.  It’s very important that your phone number and terms of conditions also make an accessible presence somewhere on your site. If a customer can’t contact you, they may question your legitimacy.

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