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Boo! It’s almost Halloween, and as you might have seen in previous years, we love a chance to dress up and have fun here at Rocketfish. But how can your business take advantage of the spooky holiday?


  • Decorate

Even if you don’t have a physical store/office, talk to whoever is responsible for your online presence and update it with some seasonal images. See Google’s ever changing doodles for inspiration on how to incorporate a theme to a pre existing design.


  • Discounts

Get in there before Black Friday and offer some seasonal discounts. This works particularly well if you have Autumn themed products, but it can just as easily be an opportunity to get rid of some old stock that’s not shifting so well.


  • Experience

Throw a special event. Maybe you run an independent bookstore; why not host an evening of scary ghost stories? If your business is based in an office you could think more along the lines of Ford with their spooky car wash video ad, which went viral. Do something fun and related to your services and you can’t lose!


  • Photo Contests

Get people (or your employees/clients) to dress up, take pictures and share them on social media. If you can think of a memorable and unique hashtag all the better. Offer a reward for the best dressed or if it’s an in office competition, get your followers to vote for their favourites.



Most of all enjoy yourselves, stay safe and have a great Halloween! Don’t forget to share any of your seasonal efforts with us.

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