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Why Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation Should be Simple?

Most Companies want to use Online Marketing to generate more leads, more sales or more bookings – simple!

Yes you want to improve your Brand Awareness
Yes you want to talk to your Customers
Yes you want to improve your Credibility
Yes you want to interact with your offline presence

However it all boils down to the fact that you do all this to improve sales and profitability for your company.

Less Jargon And More Action!

However this simple requirement tends to get lost in “Online Marketing Speak” and “Technical Jargon” I am sure many of you have heard or read comments like:

“Content is King”
“Fully Integrated Approach”
“Improve your online footprint”
“On Page and Off Page Factors”

inner-page-thinkingThis is because the vast majority of Online Marketing Companies focus on input rather than output. The vast majority of Online Marketing Companies are note sales specialists they are not even marketing specialists – they are technical specialists.

Simply put the vast majority of Online Marketing Companies are fantastic at implementing a Social Media Campaign or implementing an organic SEO Strategy however they have no idea why or even if they should!

Start With The End In Mind

At Rocketfish we start with the end in mind. We start with how many extra leads and sales you need and then work backwards to select the best Online Activity to deliver those sales and leads.

We focus on output and then decide the input.

We tailor make the correct strategy for your sales requirements, budget and timeframes.

If a company needs to generate more leads and sales this month then it is pointless implementing an Organic SEO Strategy!

For some companies Facebook is the ideal way to generate more sales or bookings – for others it can be a complete waste of time.

Whatever your budget and whatever your timeframes we will have a solution to fix your short term needs, medium term requirements and long term ambitions.

Don’t Just Believe Us!

Coastal Properties Mallorca

We have been working with Rocketfish for over 4 years now and aside from looking after our web site and social media they also generate 20 fully qualified leads per week every week.

I would recommend Rocketfish to any business who want to grow online.


Lee Perry
Managing Director

Bianca Mosca

We tasked Rocketfish with delivering high quality, high converting traffic to our web site. We had a very unique brief in that we bought a long established brand that had no online presence what so ever. We also changed the whole product mix for the company. So we effectively started from nothing in November 2015.
We are a luxury niche brand and so it was very important that the quality of the traffic was the most important factor.
We now have on average 200 quality visitors per day and are achieving regular online sales. We also have a longer term strategy which includes SEO and Online PR all of which are working extremely well and on target.

Rocketfish have done a fantastic job


Tim De Rosen

Clients we have helped