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Having endured over fifteen years in digital marketing, you could say Rocketfish are among the first veterans of a millennial industry. The world was a very different place in 2001, and arguably not quite ready for the fervent social revolution that is ‘the digital age’. From our earliest days in Manchester helping small businesses grasp the benefits of SEO, to the global eruption of social media – we’ve always been there ready and waiting to offer a friendly hand on your path to digital dominance.

Why the sentimental retrospection you may be thinking? Well, Rocketfish has undergone many changes in recent years, and we feel that the work we do has consistently reflected this. Just five years past, it was unlikely that we would have been able to offer the same wealth of content and marketing methods as we can today. The introduction of ‘Facebook Ads’ birthed a social bandwagon since joined by all but a small number of leading social media platforms. Eager to offer our clients the latest in social reach, we’ll always endeavour to be there on day one to get you on board reaping the benefits.

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