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Social Media Advertising & Marketing


Many companies look at social media as platforms used by youngsters to chat with friends. Whilst of course they fulfil this role, they have long since been proven as a major source of lead generation and sales opportunities.

The key to any social media platform is to build a targeted base of fans and followers; a base that are most likely to be interested in and buy your product or service. From existing/potential customers through to influencers who have hundreds of thousands of followers themselves, with the right push you can get your product on the timeline of millions of people.

Social Media is no longer optional. It has become an essential part of the online marketing mix for any small to medium sized business. Millions of people are on social media and on average they check their timelines up to 11 times a day. You need to go where your customers are!

At Rocketfish we know that to successfully manage your social media presence yourself requires marketing skills, design skills, research skills and a good deal of trial and error. To do this well can turn into a full time job, which is why so many businesses outsource this element of their marketing to Rocketfish.

We offer social media management and advertising where possible on all the major platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Our Social media management includes set up and creation of a professionally designed business page on the platform of your choice and daily or weekly updates on behalf of your business. These posts will be about your business, your products and services as well as industry news and local news that will be of interest to your followers. We create professionally branded images of your business and provide a light hearted friendly and approachable front to encourage your customers to engage with us online. Our aim is to make sure your social media is relevant and interesting and that your followers comment, like and share your posts. We can…

  • Direct people to your web site or landing pages.
  • Promote videos
  • Increase your pages likes
  • Increase attendance to an event you are hosting
  • Boost the reach and engagement of an existing post
  • And much more

We have years of experience in running successful business pages for our clients and we have many tried and tested methods to get excellent engagement. Your dedicated account manager will work closely with you to ensure we are representing your business exactly how you want it online.

This means you can leave the social media to us and get on with running your business!

Our cost effective social media adverts provide a quick and effective means of getting your message straight into the heart of a target demographic. Social Media advertisements enable you to influence potential customers whilst they browse socially on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Creating a Facebook or Twitter advert may seem easy on the surface but very few have the skills and training to design and target adverts in a way that provides effective conversion rates.

Since we launched our Facebook and Twitter advertising packages in 2014 we have seen exceptional feedback from countless high profile clients and businesses.  We have run over 2000 social media adverts already in 2015.

Our social media team have been trained by Facebook themselves and our expertise is in this area is shown by the client base we have worked with; The NHS, The Conservative Party, The Labour Party, The National Trust amongst many others.

Case Study – Large Government Body

The Brief:
The client wanted to promote a seasonal flu jab to over 65s
Rocketfish Approach:
We edited their visual so that it was optimised for social media advertising and worded the text that was given so that it would get across the message best in the small character limit.
With almost 10,000 impressions on mobile devices alone, we achieved an engagement rate of 0.9% and a total of 70 clicks through to the NHS website.

Case Study – Online Store
The Brief:
To increase traffic on certain promotional items for Christmas as well increase traffic to the website using a mailing list to create a similar audience to existing clients using Facebook Advertising.

Rocketfish Approach:
We designed a carousel Facebook Advert showcasing 5 products from the client’s website and created a lookalike audience from the clients’ mailing list.

We ran a carousel advert based on the lookalike audience created from the mailing list to achieve more clicks through to the website and to the specific products requested. The advert reached 15,633 users on Facebook also getting 21,244 impressions. The advert gained 512 clicks through to the client’s website with a click-through rate of 2.41%.

Clients we have helped