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Working with Rocketfish has allowed me to pretty much leave my social media to them. In around three months my Twitter followers have gone from almost nothing to almost a thousand…of the right kind of followers.  I occasionally add in a theme, or a specific message – but they have understood my ethos so well that I can just trust it to them to get the right messages out there.

I often find myself following the links that they publish, as they are of interest to me. So a very positive experience. Sure, you can ‘buy’ followers (if they actually exist!) but this is something quite different…attracting genuine, targeted people who will be right for what you are trying to do.

Rob Kemp
Christian Threads

Rocketfish designed and built our website (The Humane Research Trust) and designed and set up our Facebook and twitter pages.

Not only are we thrilled with the end results, but even more so with the service we have received from Rocketfish, especially from Jon Bennett who even designed a paw print for our Twitter and Facebook link buttons!

We are now engaging more and more with our supporters, both old and new. Social media would be very unsociable without the help and expertise of the team there.

Maxine Rawji
The Humane Research Trust

I have been a client of Rocketfish now for a number of years and I have to say that their service has been first class.

Carl Finney
Judo Education

We have used Rocketfish now for over 2 years and the results have met the objective of first page positioning for all our keywords & key phrases. The communications and account management have been first class.

Chris Jepson

Attracted by the excellent name, I became a client of Rocketfish in 2011 since which time my website has been put on the map in an increasingly competitive environment. Moreover, I have been treated to careful, imaginative and clever design assistance in the process of our website’s current upgrade.

Whenever I need information of any kind, Rocketfish is quick to respond to my requests. I am constantly reassured by the highly professional, disciplined and committed way the Rocketfish teams work together and with me, so you are never without support.

What about the results? In terms of conversion of visitors to my website to new writing and editing commissions, these are up from almost none to quite a few. With the new website in place we are all confident that the commissions will flow even more. Well done Rocketfish and keep up the good work.

Giles Emmerson
Words Professional Writing Service

As a company we felt that our website,, was not working for us as well as it should be and we needed help in making it more effective and easier to find for people who needed our specialist tank lining services.

We have been using the SEO service from Rocketfish for a little over a year now and we really have seen a difference in our page ranking on Google and the number of new enquires that we have been getting in.

The staff from Rocketfish have been really helpful and very easy to talk to. They have given us lots of advice including tips for writing blogs and adding new pages to our site. We had not realised how important the social media side was!

Great people, great service. We really do recommend them.

Peter Lambert-Gorwyn
Specialist Coatings Ltd

I have been dealing with Rocketfish for just over 6 months now. I am not the smartest computer operator in the world, but in all my dealings with them, I have found them to be endlessly patient and helpful.

Susan Woodward
Rayle Farm Holiday Cottages

Since I started working with Dave at Rocketfish, he has provided an excellent PPC service and used his extensive online knowledge and skills to ensure our ads score high for relevancy and have a strong click through rate.

Most notable of all though is the pick up in traffic and sales enquires to the business as a result of the PPC campaign, it has brought us real ROI from this channel, while also providing value and remaining within the budget too.

Roderick McInnes
Alium Partners Limited

Rocketfish have been extremely helpful with website updates and their responses and changes have exceeded expectation.

Scott Mills
Bcc Wcc

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