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Mistakes happen! Of course they do, it’s all a part of being human – if only the internet could be reminded of this every now and then. It’s an unforgiving place out there in the digital world, but that’s why organisations like Rocketfish exist; to help you avoid common pitfalls and achieve the best online presence possible.

Anyhow, enough bragging – here’s our top social media mistakes you should strive to avoid when marketing a small-to-medium business.

  • Don’t overwhelm your audience

When one first begins exploring social media marketing, it can be tempting to create a profile on every platform going. Rather than throwing at the wall to see what sticks, think about what social platforms your desired demographic likely use and put extra effort in building a strong presence therein.

  • Failing to respond

Facebook and Twitter offer an ideal platform to engage with your customers. Rather than have them send you e-mails or nag you over the phone, a customer can drop simple enquiries on social media. If you fail to respond however, not only will your customers notice, but so will Facebook. ‘Response Rate’ is a measured accolade you’ll frequently notice on business pages, to get your own seal of approval – make sure you offer hasty resolve.

  • ‘Investing’ in fake followers

Not so long ago, ‘Like Farms’ were extremely popular with businesses looking to feign popularity. You would essentially pay a fee and suddenly you’d be rewarded with a ton of likes – except they’re all phony. Facebook have thankfully cracked down on such practices, plus who would trust a page with thousands of likes and evident no interaction?

  • Hammering home the brand

Oh goodness, this is all too common in marketing. Speak about nothing but your brand and watch those once faithful followers drop like flies. People want to be entertained AND informed on social media, not follow a one-dimensional self-serving ad nut.

  • Blasé Grammar

Spell-checker and Grammarly are your best friends here. If you don’t check for typos, you can be sure as heck your followers will.

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