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It seems anything can happen in this day and age right? An Instagram Vending Machine in Russia helping you get likes, Snapchat producing their own Snap-Glasses, and now Facebook is getting in on having their own weird product!

Facebook is exploring a device that could be used as a Smartphone or a speaker with interchangeable parts, what could this device possibly yield for those in the digital marketing agency? Would it allow you keep track of how well your page is doing? Or perhaps it will allow you to access your ads and see how well they’re doing? As it is only a mere patent and in its earlier stages right now, it is unknown what type of possibilities this new Facebook Phone could bring, but that won’t stop us from looking at what it could be from the patent Facebook has filed.

From what has been shown it will be a series of pieces that the device can interchange to have new functions, the device would change its function by downloading new software to correspond with the module placed on to it. Think of it as something similar to Google’s scrapped phone idea, Project Ara was Google’s idea for a modular phone which could change parts for new software or new products from 3rd parties.






Don’t think this is set in stone or anything as Facebook files thousands of patents each year, many end up becoming nothing more than the first concept design and patent, this modular phone isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to head into the Smartphone business, they partnered with HTC to launch the HTC First in 2013 developing Facebook Home, don’t remember Facebook Home? Well, it wasn’t well received and is no longer available to download.

What would you do with a modular phone created by Facebook? Stick with what you know or give this experimental device a try? With technology ever changing it’s safe to say that Facebook will file a patent for something else within the following months.

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