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SME’s rejoice for Facebook is about to take another bold step in plonking customers right outside your door. The social platform is an evident favourite among digital marketers thanks to its ease of use, practicality, and consistent updates; alas like any digital service there are kinks that still need hammering out. Brace yourself for a nice wee surprise as Facebook shall soon introduce maps to your paid local advertisements. If this seems like a minor addition, think again, this is a subtle yet grand addition to an already thriving marketing tool.

Actually, let’s take a step backwards for a moment and think about your current online marketing campaign. The difficulty in measuring traffic, footfall and conversions are among the most frequent frustrations voiced by businesses, and Facebook has heard you. To assist in combating these niggles, the ‘maps in ads’ feature shall also estimate and measure the number of people it believes have visited a business as a result of the advert. We don’t expect it to be wholly accurate, but this is an encouraging development which will certainly assist business owners in measuring the quality of their conversions.

So, how does it work?

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Rather than having to code native maps into each individual Facebook advert you publish, the social titan has teamed up with Google Maps and Apple Maps to map your business’ location against the data on these maps. Simply put, each advert will be accompanied (should you so wish) with a map thumbnail which can be clicked to reveal traceable directions right to the promoted business’ location.

As for tracking foot traffic, Facebook will keep a keen eye on users who opt to share their location with the service. Should any of the adverts successful hits correspond with a user sharing their location, Facebook will alert the business owner if they happen to be caught within close vicinity of the store or service location – nifty eh?

What do you think of this? Is this another half-baked experiment or an intuitive move in the right direction? Let Rocketfish know on Facebook and Twitter.

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